Guest Curator: Sara Mauskopf

We are SO excited for the opportunity to work with Sara Mauskopf as a guest curator for Mother’s Day – she is the Co-founder and CEO of Winnie, an innovative technology company aimed at helping parents be good parents, AND she is the mother of super adorable Bryn (who clearly took charge of the jewelry photo shoot!).

Sara curated her own favorite Kavador pieces, and spoke with us about Winnie, jewelry, and making Mother’s Day special…

Tell us about yourself and your family.
I’m Sara Mauskopf, CEO and co-founder of Winnie. Before Winnie, I worked at a number of technology companies including Twitter, YouTube, and Google, and I have a degree in Computer Science from MIT. I live in San Francisco with my two best friends — my husband Eric and my (almost) 2 year old daughter Bryn. I’m originally from the East Coast (Philadelphia) but have been out in California now for 10 years.
What is Winnie and what inspired you to create it?
Winnie is an app that helps parents find great places to go with their kids and get parenting information for every age and stage. I started Winnie about a year and a half ago when I realized that even simple questions like “does this restaurant have a changing table?” or “what should I do with my daughter this weekend?” were really difficult to get answers to. I saw an opportunity to make all the information parents need — from great places to play to where to find childcare—available and easily accessible.
What’s next for Winnie?
Winnie was started with a really strong community in the San Francisco Bay Area and now we’re growing communities across the United States. We recently launched our Android and web apps in addition to our iPhone app, and we’re seeing more and more parents use Winnie every day from all over the country. It’s really important to us that we’re building something that can help parents everywhere and from all different backgrounds and walks of life. Going forward we’re just working on making Winnie more useful to more people.
Describe your personal style – what are some of your signature pieces and accessories?
In true mom fashion, I’d describe my personal style as practical! During the week you can usually find me in a casual dress and leggings and comfortable boots. I dress things up or down with different jewelry, which works well for when I need to quickly go from writing code at my computer to a meeting where I’m representing Winnie. I usually accessorize with earrings, rings, and a necklace.
Tell us how you picked the pieces for your Winnie Mother’s Day Collection
Amethyst is my birthstone, so I was excited to make a statement with this amethyst and diamond ring. I love statement pieces because they make it so easy to be stylish—just put on one piece of jewelry and it becomes the focal point of an outfit. Pearl is my daughter’s birthstone and I also love that pearls can easily transition from day to night. This cute heart necklace could be worn everyday—it’s simple and I love all the reflections that pavé makes. Of course who doesn’t love diamonds so there are a few diamond pieces in there. I love that these classic diamond hoops are truly timeless. I have a lot of vintage jewelry that was handed down to me by my grandmother and mom, and I want to do the same for my daughter!
Describe your perfect Mother’s Day (either a great memory or an ideal)
Last year on Mother’s Day my husband wasn’t feeling well. I didn’t know it at the time, but the cause of him being so sick was that he had an aggressive form of cancer (we found out at the end of May last year). It’s been a rough year but now he’s healthy and in remission. So for me, my ideal mother’s day is really just spending the day with my husband and daughter doing something simple like having a picnic at our favorite park and a fun family dinner. This is only my second mother’s day as a mom and the first where we’re all feeling good so really just spending time together is enough for me!
Axiom - Amethyst and Diamond Ring
Amabell - Pave Diamond Heart Necklace
Narcissa - Diamond Oval hoop Earrings