Valuations & Replacement Value

Kavador is a unique fine jewelry marketplace – every piece listed on the  Kavador site is:

  • Sourced from the vaults of local independent retail jewelers and designers,
  • Assessed and appraised by Kavador’s GIA-certified gemologists,
  • Photographed and styled by Kavador, then
  • Listed on Kavador with a comprehensive description and Valuation Report that specifies the details of the piece and our gemologist’s estimated replacement value


As an online only marketplace, Kavador is able to pass along exceptional savings to consumers – every piece listed at Kavador is at least 20% lower than their in-store retail price or estimated replacement value, and many pieces reflect prices with far greater savings.

Kavador curates and sells just one of each piece, some pieces are truly one-of-a-kind.   The valuation price included in the Valuation Report reflects the estimated replacement value of the piece.  This price is representative of the price to recreate or source a similarly designed piece with similar size/quality metals and gemstones, or for branded or designer pieces, the price that you would expect to pay for such a piece in a standard retail store.

For any questions on Kavador’s valuation process or Valuation Reports, please contact