Treasure Hunting…

February 8, 2017 – New York City

The hunt continues… into the vault of a new jeweler partner – a multi-generation family-owned jeweler with an outpost in NYC and operations in the US and Israel. We were thrilled to get a peek into this vault, as this jeweler specializes in unique Diamond and colored Sapphire cuts and designs that had our hearts racing…

Case of Diamond and Sapphire Pendants and Rings
3 Sapphire and Diamond Rings
6 Diamond and Sapphire Bracelets
10 Rings - Diamond, Sapphire, Amethyst and Ruby Rings
Diamond Dangle Earrings and Blue Topaz and Diamond Ring
Ruby and Diamond Star Lariat Necklace
Diamond Lattice Dangle Earrings

January 11, 2017 – New York City

Excited to kick off the new year with a visit to one of our local jeweler partners with a *spectacular* vault. This family-owned and operated jeweler specializes in colored gemstones, unique stone cuts, and intricate metalwork designs – every piece is truly a masterpiece!

While we were specifically curating for our Valentine and February Birthstones collections, we couldn’t stop ogling the incredible Turquoise selection. This jeweler has a special expertise in cutting and designing with Turquoise, a notoriously delicate mineral – in fact, the family bought their own Turquoise mine in Arizona!

Cases of colored jewelry
Case of colored jewelry
Hand with 4 large Amethyst and Citrine Rings
Case of colored earrings and bracelets