Jennie Wykes Pastor

Jewel Junkie

Jennie Team

Jennie was born with an eye for glittering beauty and a family history in fine jewelry, and was disappointed by the mass-produced and over-priced fine jewelry available online…

Jennie started Kavador to make this right – to create an accessible and transparent online fine jewelry marketplace, with pieces curated from the vaults of high-end jewelers and collectors, bringing these treasures to light at extraordinary value.

Daniel Pastor

Gemologist &
Jewel Gatekeeper

Daniel Team

Danny grew up in a family of fine jewelers, so his natural calling after college was the GIA. As a certified gemologist, Danny has worked in all aspects of fine jewelry – what Danny doesn’t know about fine jewelry isn’t worth knowing!

Danny and his team inspect and appraise every treasure in Kavador’s vault to ensure that each and every piece is worthy of the name.

Kristine Dickson

Digital Data Nerd &
Jewel Junkie


Kristine is thrilled to be part of the Kavador team, to share her competing loves of jewels (especially Sapphires!) and numbers. Yes, it’s a weird combination. With an engineering degree from Stanford and nearly 2 decades in finance, Kristine is Kavador’s resident nerd – she crunches the data to help us find the happiest homes for Kavador’s spectacular jewels.

Amber Gibson

Website Dazzler &
Jewel Junkie


With a love for all things sparkly and armed with a Fashion Merchandising degree, Amber entered the luxury jewelry world and never looked back! She gained valuable experience at Tiffany & Co. and other retailers before joining the Kavador team. This experience and a love of vintage jewels has made her an avid treasure hunter, both personally and professionally.

Sparkle the Corgi

Chief Happiness


It is often said that Queen Elizabeth II has such affection for Corgis because of their human-like personalities AND their exquisite taste in fine jewelry…

Sparkle, who may be a distant cousin of Willow (the last in a long line of the royal Corgi dynasty), is a testament to this. Sparkle loves sandwiches and jewels, and she is always happy. Literally, always. Every minute of every day.