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Sylvi - Marquis Cut Amethyst Ring - Closeup

kavadorjewels We are loving bright summer colors this week! Amethyst is the perfect stone to complement any outfit! #BrightSummerColors #AmethystLove

SYLVI Ring – Amethyst Ring, $540

kavadorjewels There is nothing like a #remarkable picnic with friends to brighten your Monday! #RemarkableMoments #EnjoyTheLittleThings #PicnicInThePark

CAMILLIA Necklace – Amethyst & Blue Topaz Necklace, $1,110

kavadorjewels The Kavador Treasure Hunters have been searching for the perfect Summer jewels! New arrivals are coming soon!! #NewArrivals #SummerJewels #TreasureHunters

Amethyst & Pearl Ring – COMING SOON

Musette, Morganite and Rose Gold Ring

kavadorjewels June is National Rose Month! Celebrate the beauty of roses with our amazing rose gold pieces! #NationalRoseMonth #RoseGold #CelebrateRoses

MUSETTE Ring – Morganite & Diamond Ring, $905

Shop The National Rose Month Collection

Fabulous Party, Remarkable Moment, Amethyst and Pink Sapphire Earrings

kavadorjewels You don’t need a special occasion to throw a fabulous party! Put on your Kavador jewels and let the festivities begin! #PartyPlanner #KavadorParty #FestiveJewels #RemarkableMoments

DANIKA Earrings – Amethyst & Pink Sapphire Earrings, $770

Brynn and Maisi, Diamond and Yellow Gold Ring and Bracelet Set

kavadorjewels Two is always better than one, especially Kavador diamond pieces! #YouNeedBoth #AlwaysMoreDiamonds

BRYNN Ring – Diamond & 14k Yellow Gold Ring, $700
MAISI Bracelet – Diamond & 14k Yellow Gold Bracelet, $1,400
Katie Necklace with Yellow Dress

kavadorjewels Don’t let the clouds dull your sparkle today! Shine this Monday with Kunzite and Diamonds! #CloudyMonday #AlwaysShine #ShineOn

KATIE Necklace – Kunzite & Diamond Necklace, $730

kavadorjewels Sunshine and Sparkle in Soho today! Come by Dreams On Air at 120 Wooster St NYC to see how Kavador can brighten your weekend! #SunshineandSparkle #DreamsOnAir #SohoShopping

MUSETTE Ring – Morganite & Diamond Ring, $905
DARLENE Ring – Diamond & Gold Band Ring, $2,375
JESSIE Ring – Citrine & Diamond Ring, $2,555
SIBLEY Ring – Diamond & 18k Yellow Gold Ring, $3,925
LETTICE Ring – Citrine & Diamond Ring, $675
Morganite & Rose Gold Ring – COMING SOON
Citrine & Rose Gold Ring – COMING SOON

kavadorjewels Excited for beaches and sunny days? These jewels will keep you shining all Summer long! Shop before they are gone! #SummerJewels #SummerIsAlmostHere

TILDA Ring – Blue Topaz & Sterling Silver Ring, $225
ZADIE Bracelet – Diamond & White Gold Bracelet, $770
TILLIE Bracelet – Diamond & White Gold Bracelet, $770
ELIZA Bracelet – Diamond & Yellow Gold Bracelet, $770
Roma, Pearl and Opal Bracelet

kavadorjewels It’s finally June and that means pearls and sunshine! Our June Birthstones Collection has the perfect #Pearl and #Alexandrite pieces to last a lifetime! #SummerPearls #JuneBirthstones

ROMA Bracelet – Pearl, Diamond and Black Opal Bracelet, $1,330

kavadorjewels Flower gardens brighten everyone’s day! Add a pop of color in your garden AND your jewelry collection! #RemarkableMoments #PopOfColor #SpringGardens

LYRA Ring – Multicolor Gemstone Ring, $625

Tabby and Nadia, First Jewels

kavadorjewels Make a statement at the beach this Memorial Day weekend with these simple but stunning pendants! #HappyMemorialDay #MemorialDayJewels #BeachDay

NADIA Necklace – Green Amethyst Pendant, $540
TABBY Necklace – Smokey Topaz Necklace, $540
Imperial Flower Brooch - on macaroons

kavadorjewels Need something sweet and sparkly to make your Spring perfect?! We have you covered! #SweetAndSparkle #HumpDayTreats #HappyHumpDay

FARAH Brooch – Diamond, Yellow Sapphire & Ruby Brooch, $1,490

kavadorjewels We want to wish all the recent grads a sparkly congratulations! Keep shining and you will always be remarkable! #CongratsGrad #NeverDullYourSparkle #RemarkableMoments

Danila, Multicolor Gemstone Flower Butterfly Earrings

kavadorjewels Want to make your Grad sparkle?! We have the perfect gifts for graduation in our new First Jewels Collection! #CongratsGrad #GraduateInDiamonds

DANILA Earrings – Multi Color Gemstone & White Gold Earrings, $480

Imperial Diamond and Sapphire Butterly Pendant on Hydrangeas

kavadorjewels Butterfly kisses and diamond dreams.. Just one of the whimsical pieces you will find at Kavador #DiamondButterflies #WhimsicalJewelry

WILLA Pendant – Diamond & Sapphire Butterfly Pendant, $890

kavadorjewels Thrilling travel, exotic locations, and sparkling Kavador jewels! Make this Summer remarkable! #RemarkableMoments #WanderLust

BRIAR Earrings – Doublet Opal & Diamond Earrings, $1,040

First Jewels - blonde posing with hand over mouth and 4 rings

kavadorjewels Can’t wait for the new collection from Kavador?? Shop our New Arrivals and get a glimpse of what’s to come!

Thanks to the winners of our giveaway, @katiemaural @yaysaritha @la0mvye @jjesse_w @oliviapura, we know you will be sparkling in Kavador jewels soon!

DANIKA Earrings – Amethyst & Pink Sapphire Earrings, $770
GEENA Necklace – Chalcedony & Blue Topaz Necklace, $450
Blue Topaz Ring – COMING SOON
MUSETTE Ring Morganite & Diamond Ring, $905
LYRA Ring – Multicolor Gemstone Ring, $625
BLOSSOM Ring – Amethyst & Diamond Ring, $790


Cathy Off-The-Shoulder Dress, Bloomingdales, $298

Tea Cup with Macarons and Colored Gemstone and Diamond Rings

kavadorjewels Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 14th! Still need a last minute gift? Order by Noon today and receive FREE shipping just in time for Sunday! #MakeMomSparkle #MothersDay

BEVERLY Ring – Pink Sapphire Ring, $1,130
FAY Ring – Diamond Flower Ring, $1,595
ROSALIE Ring – Sapphire & Diamond Ring, $2,795


Shop the KAVADOR Mother’s Day Collection

5000 Followers on Instagram Giveaway

kavadorjewels To celebrate reaching 5,000 followers, enter to win our GIVEAWAY by Wednesday, May 10th at noon EST for a chance to be 1 of 5 winners of a $125 gift card!

Simply follow us and tag 1 friend in the comments with #SparkleAndShine! Link below for completion rules. #Instagiveaway #MothersDayGifts #MondayFunday

View Instagram Giveaway Rules HERE

MILLICENT Necklace – Kunzite & Diamond Necklace, $1,695
MARIAN Ring – Blue Topaz & Diamond Ring, $3,230
DEMELZA Ring – Kunzite & Diamond Ring, $1,165
DANIKA Earrings – Amethyst & Pink Sapphire Earrings, $770
LENNON Necklace – Diamond & White Gold Necklace, $6,060
Mini Melanie - truffle cakes, roses, blue topaz ring, morganite ring, amethyst ring

kavadorjewels Give Mom what she REALLY wants for Mother’s Day – sweets & sparkle! We love these gem-shaped truffle cakes from @minimelanienyc — and for our NYC friends, we’re thrilled to share a special offer from Mini Melanie! #SweetAndSparkle #MothersDay #MakeMomSmile

Use code “KAVADOR” at for 10% off orders over $30 (Delivery in NYC Only)

BLOSSOM Ring – Amethyst & Diamond Ring, $790
SADIRA Ring – Blue Topaz & Diamond Ring, $425
MUSETTE Ring – Morganite & Diamond Ring, $905
Pink Trench Coat and Scarf with Diamond and Gemstone Rings

kavadorjewels Need a shimmering pick-me-up this Wednesday? These rings are sure to brighten your day! #OnWednesdaysWeWearPink #PositiveWednesday #HappyHumpDay

FAY Ring – Diamond Flower Ring, $1,595
DAISY Ring – Sliced Pink Sapphire & Diamond Ring, $5,745
THOMPSON Ring – Aquamarine & Gold Ring, $1,595
TRINITY Ring – Ruby & Diamond Ring, $1,330


Aztec Doodle ScarfFRAAS, $75

Kate Spade Trench CoatLord & Taylor, $268

Wish Upon a Star, Carina Necklace, Diamond and Ruby

kavadorjewels Doesn’t everyone #WishUponAStar for diamonds and rubies! We are here to make your wish come true! #WishForJewels #RemarkableMoments

CARINA Necklace – Ruby & Diamond Necklace, $3,750

Diamond Heart Earrings with Colored Gemstone Rings

kavadorjewels There’s more to these beauties than fun colors and sparkle… Check out Kavador’s new #JewelSchool series, and become a better-informed fine jewelry buyer! We begin with the art of stone cutting! #KnowledgeIsPower

KORO Earrings – Diamond Heart Earrings, $465
MARIAN Ring – Carved Blue Topaz and Diamond Ring, $3,230
SYLVI Ring – Marquise Amethyst Ring, $540
Magnolia - Diamond flower wreath necklace

kavadorjewels Some crave flowers and some crave diamonds …no need to choose with this #NewArrival #SheWantsBoth

MAGNOLIA Necklace – Diamond & Gold Necklace, $3,180

Kobi Halperin Rochelle Cold-Shoulder Silk Blouse – Saks Fifth Avenue, $298

Remarkable Moments - Manga Ring - Blue Topaz

kavadorjewels Dive into the depths of this #STUNNING blue topaz! We promise you won’t regret it! #OceanBlue #DiveIntoTheOcean #RemarkableMoments

MANGA Ring – Blue Topaz & Diamond Ring, $2,660

kavadorjewels Kavador is so excited to feature Sara Mauskopf, the CEO and Co-Founder of Winnie, as our Mother’s Day Collection guest curator! #MothersDay #TGIF #Winnie #Parents

Quinn - Diamond and Colored Sapphire Ring in Green Hydrangeas

kavadorjewels April showers bring May flowers…but why wait when you can have a #sparkling bouquet now!? #ShiningBouquet #AprilShowers

QUINN Ring – Diamond & Sapphire Ring, $3,990

kavadorjewels Do diamonds give you butterflies? You came to the right place! #DiamondButterflies #RemarkableMoments

SINCLAIR Bracelet – Diamond & Platinum Butterfly Bracelet, $18,620

kavadorjewels The #Sun is out and it’s time to shine in our new earring arrivals! #ShineOn #SparkleAndShine

ABBEY Earrings – Sliced Ruby Earrings, $1,350

Eugenia Kim Emmanuelle Feather-Detail Fedora – Saks Fifth Avenue, $465

kavadorjewels While the kids hunt for Easter eggs, we hunt for #Jewels! Check out our #Easter inspired pieces! #EasterGems #SpringColors

HECATE Ring – Chimento Amethyst Ring, $1,800
THOMPSON Ring – Aquamarine & Gold Ring, $1,595
NETTIE Bracelet – Amethyst & Gold Bracelet, $985
DAISY Ring – Pink Sapphire & Diamond Ring, $5,745
DEMELZA Ring – Kunzite & Diamond Ring, $1,165
SANTE Ring – Amethyst Ring, $595
ROXA Ring – Amethyst & Diamond Ring, $800
CLEMENTINE Ring – Amethyst, Blue Topaz, Peridot & Citrine Ring, $1,090
VERBENA Ring – Amethyst & Diamond Ring, $899

kavadorjewels You’ve worked so hard, and you’ve earned it! Start your #DreamJob in style #FollowYourDream #YellowDiamonds #RemarkableMoments

GALINA Earrings – Yellow & White Diamond Earrings, $4,655

kavadorjewels Spring is the time to let your personal style bloom with one-of-a-kind jewels! #SparkleAndBloom #UniqueStyle 

ROSEMARY Ring – Diamond & White Gold Ring, $2,660

Attina - Carved Oval Amethyst and Diamond Ring

kavadorjewels Not only celebrities can wear over 10 carats! Discover your #Wow factor with our new collection! #Over10Carats 

ATTINA Ring – Carved Amethyst Ring, $6,700

Blaine - Yellow Sapphire and Diamond Square Ring

kavadorjewels Rain or shine, stay warm and happy with #YellowSapphires and #Diamonds #SingingInTheRain #RemarkableMoments

BLAINE Ring – Yellow Sapphire & Diamond Ring, $1,700

Effie - Emerald and Diamond Ring with Multicolor Scarf

kavadorjewels Add a pop of #SpringColor with a fun scarf and sparkle! Shop the look, link in bio. #HappyHumpday #SpringStyle #EmeraldEnvy

EFFIE Ring – Emerald and Diamond Ring, $1,465

Hands with many rings and bracelets over keyboard

kavadorjewels Obsessed with #sparkle and #gems as much as we are? You will #LOVE our Jewel Journal Blog! Check it out at #gembloggers

ROWENA Bracelet – Green Amethyst Bracelet, $555
CLAUDE Bracelet – Ruby & Diamond Bracelet, $2,860
ARABELLA Ring – Green Amethyst & Green Diamond Ring, $540
FREYA Ring – Turquoise & Rhodolite Ring, $655
EFFIE Ring – Emerald and Diamond Ring, $1,465
LEIA Ring Tanzanite & Diamond Ring, $1,865
LAUREN Ring – Lapis, Pearl & Diamond Ring, $940
HELENA Ring – Lapis & Pearl Ring, $410
DEMELZA Ring – Kunzite & Diamond Ring, $1,165
INGRID Ring – Turquoise & Sapphire Ring, $575
MARJORIE Ring Amethyst, Diamond & Peridot Ring, $785
AVALON Ring Green Tourmaline & Diamond Ring, $2,130
ARIANA Ring – Alexandrite & Diamond Ring, $1,140
MYRTLE Bracelet – Peridot & 14k Gold Bracelet, $1,275
BELINDA Bracelet Amethyst Bangle Bracelet, $1,040
Lenox - Chunky Gold Bracelet with Rubies, Sapphires and Diamond

kavadorjewels You never know when a chance encounter with a stranger can turn into something special… #SmileAtAStranger #TakeAChance # RemarkableMoments

LENNOX Bracelet – Sapphire, Ruby, Diamond Bracelet, $6,600

Georgette - Fancy Opal and Diamond Ring with Floral Dress

kavadorjewels #Opals are said to be a stone of hope and give the wearer great insight. We know your #Wednesday will be very #insightful and #sparkly!

GEORGETTE Ring – Doublet Opal Ring, $3,430

Parvani - Fancy Cut Peridot and Diamond Stud Earrings in Jelly Beans

kavadorjewels Have a sweet tooth? You will love these #sweet and #sparkling treats! #candycolors #treatyourself

PARVANI Earrings – Peridot & Diamond Earrings, $2,235

Tatum - Tanzanite and Diamond Flower Stud Earrings

kavadorjewels What better way to spend a #Friday than enjoying the #Spring flowers! #TGIF #RemarkableMoments #EnjoyTheLittleThings

TATUM Earrings – Tanzanite & Diamond Earrings, $2,555

Carved Blue Topaz and Diamond Ring with Pink Trench Coat

kavadorjewels Getting ready for warmer weather? Our #NewArrivals are a perfect addition to your #Spring wardrobe! #BringOnSpring #SparkleInSpring

MANGA Ring – Blue Topaz and Diamond Ring, $2,660

Kate Spade Trench Coat – Lord & Taylor, $268

Oval Cut Kunzite and Diamond Ring on a Pink Rose

kavadorjewels The flowers are blooming, the bees are buzzing, and the #diamonds are sparkling! #Spring is here! #SpringGemstones #WeLoveSpring #1stDayofSpring

DEMELZA Ring – Kunzite and Diamond Ring, $1,165

Ruby and Diamond Ring closeup

kavadorjewels Falling in #love is so easy with these glimmering #jewels #RemarkableMoments #FallinLove

HAVEN Ring – Ruby & Diamond Ring, $4,240

Sliced Oval Emerald and Diamond Necklace with Striped Shirt

kavadorjewels They will be #green with envy with our new #emerald arrivals #comingsoon ☘️💚 #happystpatricksday #emeraldisle #tgif 

ADELLA Necklace – Emerald & Diamond Necklace, $4,310

Four Large Rings on Hand Holding Pink Purse

kavadorjewels Don’t play favorites.. we know you love them all! #jewelsforeveryfinger #gemstonelove #playingfavorites

PARNELL Ring – Smoky Quartz Foliage Ring, $1,130

CRIMSON Ring – Ruby & Diamond Ring, $3,175

THOMPSON Ring Aquamarine & Gold Ring, $1,595

BLAINE Ring – Yellow Sapphire & Diamond Ring, $1,700

Snuggle by the Fire - Antique Citrine Collar Necklace

kavadorjewels We hope everyone is snuggling by the fire with their loved ones today! #StayWarm #SnuggleLove #RemarkableMoments

PERRY Necklace – Antique Citrine Necklace, $11,300

Beverly - Pink Pave Sapphire Rink on White Rose

kavadorjewels Sending roses and #PinkSapphires your way to brighten up your #Monday #BeverlyRing

BEVERLY Ring – Pave Pink Sapphire Ring, $1,130

Ring Display Case - Dreams on Air Trunk Show

kavadorjewels Beat cabin fever, brave the cold, shop tip you drop at our Trunk Show @dreamsonair TODAY 120 Wooster St, NYC #popupshop #trunkshow #ShopSaturdays

Catch a Snowflake - Diamond Cluster Ring

kavadorjewels Sometimes the most seemingly ordinary moments are remarkable! Today we will catch a falling snowflake.  #RemarkableMoments #CatchASnowflake #SnowDay #TGIF

MONROE Ring – Diamond Ring, $665

Hand with Many Rings and Bracelets holding FUN Clutch

kavadorjewels Want to have some #FUN this weekend? Visit our NYC trunk show as recommended by @nytimes March 10th – 12th @dreamsonairnyc 120 Wooster St. New York, NY #nycpopup #soho #shoptilyoudrop

HELENA Ring – Lapis and Pearl Ring, $410
DEMELZA Ring – Kunzite and Diamond Ring, $1,165
INGRID Ring – Turquoise and Sapphire Ring, $575
MARJORIE Ring – Amethyst, Diamond, Peridot Ring, $785
AVALON Ring – Green Tourmaline and Diamond Ring, $410
ARIANA Ring – Alexandrite and Diamond Ring, $1,140
MYRTLE Bracelet – Peridot Bracelet, $1,275
BELINDA Bracelet – Amethyst Bangle Bracelet, $1,040

Amethyst Bangle Bracelet

kavadorjewels #BeBoldForChange

BELINDA Bracelet – Amethyst Bangle Bracelet, $1,040

Diane Von Furstenberg Jewelry Quote

kavadorjewels Let us help you find your #spice. #dianevonfurstenberg #spiceitup #perfectspice

Emerald Cut Aquamarine and Diamond Ring on Peach Rose

kavadorjewels Don’t know about you, but we are READY for Spring! Check out these #blooming beauties. #Aquamarine #RoseGold #Roses #SpringFever #TGIF


3 Blue Rings with Perfume Bottle and Ribbon

kavadorjewels Longing for #blue skies and warm oceans? Vanish into the blue with our newest #mesmerizing collection! #IntoTheBlue #SpringApproaches #TrueBlue

RAE Ring – Aquamarine and Diamond Ring, $925
CLAIRE Ring – Sapphire and Diamond Ring, $4,655
FREYA Ring – Turquoise and Rhodolite Ring, $655

Many Black Jewelry Pieces and Wednesday Addams Quote

kavadorjewels Don’t be afraid to show your inner #DarkSide with these Wednesday Addams inspired pieces. #HappyWednesday #WednesdayAddams #AlwaysWearBlack #Black #HumpDay #WednesdayMood

BEATRIX Ring – Estate Phillippe Charriol Ring, $799
ROSLYN Earrings – Crystal Quartz Rhodium Earrings, $720
RIVAS Necklace – Onyx and Diamond Necklace, $1,050
RAVEN Ring – Hidalgo Diamond and Black Enamel Ring, $830
EVITA Ring – Black and White Diamond Ring, $3,760
NERO Earrings – Onyx and Diamond Earrings, $530
JEAN Ring – Cabochon Pietersite Ring, $325

Kunzite and Diamond Ring with Lace Dress

kavadorjewels And the winner is… this is not a joke… the sparkling #Pink #Kunzite and #DiamondRing

DEMELZA Ring – Kunzite and Diamond Ring, $1,165