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kavadorjewels Kavador is so excited to feature Sara Mauskopf, the CEO and Co-Founder of Winnie, as our Mother’s Day Collection guest curator! #MothersDay #TGIF #Winnie #Parents

Quinn - Diamond and Colored Sapphire Ring in Green Hydrangeas

kavadorjewels April showers bring May flowers…but why wait when you can have a #sparkling bouquet now!? #ShiningBouquet #AprilShowers

QUINN Ring – Diamond & Sapphire Ring, $3,990

kavadorjewels Do diamonds give you butterflies? You came to the right place! #DiamondButterflies #RemarkableMoments

SINCLAIR Bracelet – Diamond & Platinum Butterfly Bracelet, $18,620

kavadorjewels The #Sun is out and it’s time to shine in our new earring arrivals! #ShineOn #SparkleAndShine

ABBEY Earrings – Sliced Ruby Earrings, $1,350

Eugenia Kim Emmanuelle Feather-Detail Fedora – Saks Fifth Avenue, $465

kavadorjewels While the kids hunt for Easter eggs, we hunt for #Jewels! Check out our #Easter inspired pieces! #EasterGems #SpringColors

HECATE Ring – Chimento Amethyst Ring, $1,800
THOMPSON Ring – Aquamarine & Gold Ring, $1,595
NETTIE Bracelet – Amethyst & Gold Bracelet, $985
DAISY Ring – Pink Sapphire & Diamond Ring, $5,745
DEMELZA Ring – Kunzite & Diamond Ring, $1,165
SANTE Ring – Amethyst Ring, $595
ROXA Ring – Amethyst & Diamond Ring, $800
CLEMENTINE Ring – Amethyst, Blue Topaz, Peridot & Citrine Ring, $1,090
VERBENA Ring – Amethyst & Diamond Ring, $899

kavadorjewels You’ve worked so hard, and you’ve earned it! Start your #DreamJob in style #FollowYourDream #YellowDiamonds #RemarkableMoments

GALINA Earrings – Yellow & White Diamond Earrings, $4,655

kavadorjewels Spring is the time to let your personal style bloom with one-of-a-kind jewels! #SparkleAndBloom #UniqueStyle 

ROSEMARY Ring – Diamond & White Gold Ring, $2,660

Attina - Carved Oval Amethyst and Diamond Ring

kavadorjewels Not only celebrities can wear over 10 carats! Discover your #Wow factor with our new collection! #Over10Carats 

ATTINA Ring – Carved Amethyst Ring, $6,700

Blaine - Yellow Sapphire and Diamond Square Ring

kavadorjewels Rain or shine, stay warm and happy with #YellowSapphires and #Diamonds #SingingInTheRain #RemarkableMoments

BLAINE Ring – Yellow Sapphire & Diamond Ring, $1,700

Effie - Emerald and Diamond Ring with Multicolor Scarf

kavadorjewels Add a pop of #SpringColor with a fun scarf and sparkle! Shop the look, link in bio. #HappyHumpday #SpringStyle #EmeraldEnvy

EFFIE Ring – Emerald and Diamond Ring, $1,465

Hands with many rings and bracelets over keyboard

kavadorjewels Obsessed with #sparkle and #gems as much as we are? You will #LOVE our Jewel Journal Blog! Check it out at #gembloggers

ROWENA Bracelet – Green Amethyst Bracelet, $555
CLAUDE Bracelet – Ruby & Diamond Bracelet, $2,860
ARABELLA Ring – Green Amethyst & Green Diamond Ring, $540
FREYA Ring – Turquoise & Rhodolite Ring, $655
EFFIE Ring – Emerald and Diamond Ring, $1,465
LEIA Ring Tanzanite & Diamond Ring, $1,865
LAUREN Ring – Lapis, Pearl & Diamond Ring, $940
HELENA Ring – Lapis & Pearl Ring, $410
DEMELZA Ring – Kunzite & Diamond Ring, $1,165
INGRID Ring – Turquoise & Sapphire Ring, $575
MARJORIE Ring Amethyst, Diamond & Peridot Ring, $785
AVALON Ring Green Tourmaline & Diamond Ring, $2,130
ARIANA Ring – Alexandrite & Diamond Ring, $1,140
MYRTLE Bracelet – Peridot & 14k Gold Bracelet, $1,275
BELINDA Bracelet Amethyst Bangle Bracelet, $1,040
Lenox - Chunky Gold Bracelet with Rubies, Sapphires and Diamond

kavadorjewels You never know when a chance encounter with a stranger can turn into something special… #SmileAtAStranger #TakeAChance # RemarkableMoments

LENNOX Bracelet – Sapphire, Ruby, Diamond Bracelet, $6,600

Georgette - Fancy Opal and Diamond Ring with Floral Dress

kavadorjewels #Opals are said to be a stone of hope and give the wearer great insight. We know your #Wednesday will be very #insightful and #sparkly!

GEORGETTE Ring – Doublet Opal Ring, $3,430

Parvani - Fancy Cut Peridot and Diamond Stud Earrings in Jelly Beans

kavadorjewels Have a sweet tooth? You will love these #sweet and #sparkling treats! #candycolors #treatyourself

PARVANI Earrings – Peridot & Diamond Earrings, $2,235

Tatum - Tanzanite and Diamond Flower Stud Earrings

kavadorjewels What better way to spend a #Friday than enjoying the #Spring flowers! #TGIF #RemarkableMoments #EnjoyTheLittleThings

TATUM Earrings – Tanzanite & Diamond Earrings, $2,555

Carved Blue Topaz and Diamond Ring with Pink Trench Coat

kavadorjewels Getting ready for warmer weather? Our #NewArrivals are a perfect addition to your #Spring wardrobe! #BringOnSpring #SparkleInSpring

MANGA Ring – Blue Topaz and Diamond Ring, $2,660

Kate Spade Trench Coat – Lord & Taylor, $268

Oval Cut Kunzite and Diamond Ring on a Pink Rose

kavadorjewels The flowers are blooming, the bees are buzzing, and the #diamonds are sparkling! #Spring is here! #SpringGemstones #WeLoveSpring #1stDayofSpring

DEMELZA Ring – Kunzite and Diamond Ring, $1,165

Ruby and Diamond Ring closeup

kavadorjewels Falling in #love is so easy with these glimmering #jewels #RemarkableMoments #FallinLove

HAVEN Ring – Ruby & Diamond Ring, $4,240

Sliced Oval Emerald and Diamond Necklace with Striped Shirt

kavadorjewels They will be #green with envy with our new #emerald arrivals #comingsoon ☘️💚 #happystpatricksday #emeraldisle #tgif 

ADELLA Necklace – Emerald & Diamond Necklace, $4,310

Four Large Rings on Hand Holding Pink Purse

kavadorjewels Don’t play favorites.. we know you love them all! #jewelsforeveryfinger #gemstonelove #playingfavorites

PARNELL Ring – Smoky Quartz Foliage Ring, $1,130

CRIMSON Ring – Ruby & Diamond Ring, $3,175

THOMPSON Ring Aquamarine & Gold Ring, $1,595

BLAINE Ring – Yellow Sapphire & Diamond Ring, $1,700

Snuggle by the Fire - Antique Citrine Collar Necklace

kavadorjewels We hope everyone is snuggling by the fire with their loved ones today! #StayWarm #SnuggleLove #RemarkableMoments

PERRY Necklace – Antique Citrine Necklace, $11,300

Beverly - Pink Pave Sapphire Rink on White Rose

kavadorjewels Sending roses and #PinkSapphires your way to brighten up your #Monday #BeverlyRing

BEVERLY Ring – Pave Pink Sapphire Ring, $1,130

Ring Display Case - Dreams on Air Trunk Show

kavadorjewels Beat cabin fever, brave the cold, shop tip you drop at our Trunk Show @dreamsonair TODAY 120 Wooster St, NYC #popupshop #trunkshow #ShopSaturdays

Catch a Snowflake - Diamond Cluster Ring

kavadorjewels Sometimes the most seemingly ordinary moments are remarkable! Today we will catch a falling snowflake.  #RemarkableMoments #CatchASnowflake #SnowDay #TGIF

MONROE Ring – Diamond Ring, $665

Hand with Many Rings and Bracelets holding FUN Clutch

kavadorjewels Want to have some #FUN this weekend? Visit our NYC trunk show as recommended by @nytimes March 10th – 12th @dreamsonairnyc 120 Wooster St. New York, NY #nycpopup #soho #shoptilyoudrop

HELENA Ring – Lapis and Pearl Ring, $410
DEMELZA Ring – Kunzite and Diamond Ring, $1,165
INGRID Ring – Turquoise and Sapphire Ring, $575
MARJORIE Ring – Amethyst, Diamond, Peridot Ring, $785
AVALON Ring – Green Tourmaline and Diamond Ring, $410
ARIANA Ring – Alexandrite and Diamond Ring, $1,140
MYRTLE Bracelet – Peridot Bracelet, $1,275
BELINDA Bracelet – Amethyst Bangle Bracelet, $1,040

Amethyst Bangle Bracelet

kavadorjewels #BeBoldForChange

BELINDA Bracelet – Amethyst Bangle Bracelet, $1,040

Diane Von Furstenberg Jewelry Quote

kavadorjewels Let us help you find your #spice. #dianevonfurstenberg #spiceitup #perfectspice

Emerald Cut Aquamarine and Diamond Ring on Peach Rose

kavadorjewels Don’t know about you, but we are READY for Spring! Check out these #blooming beauties. #Aquamarine #RoseGold #Roses #SpringFever #TGIF


3 Blue Rings with Perfume Bottle and Ribbon

kavadorjewels Longing for #blue skies and warm oceans? Vanish into the blue with our newest #mesmerizing collection! #IntoTheBlue #SpringApproaches #TrueBlue

RAE Ring – Aquamarine and Diamond Ring, $925
CLAIRE Ring – Sapphire and Diamond Ring, $4,655
FREYA Ring – Turquoise and Rhodolite Ring, $655

Many Black Jewelry Pieces and Wednesday Addams Quote

kavadorjewels Don’t be afraid to show your inner #DarkSide with these Wednesday Addams inspired pieces. #HappyWednesday #WednesdayAddams #AlwaysWearBlack #Black #HumpDay #WednesdayMood

BEATRIX Ring – Estate Phillippe Charriol Ring, $799
ROSLYN Earrings – Crystal Quartz Rhodium Earrings, $720
RIVAS Necklace – Onyx and Diamond Necklace, $1,050
RAVEN Ring – Hidalgo Diamond and Black Enamel Ring, $830
EVITA Ring – Black and White Diamond Ring, $3,760
NERO Earrings – Onyx and Diamond Earrings, $530
JEAN Ring – Cabochon Pietersite Ring, $325

Kunzite and Diamond Ring with Lace Dress

kavadorjewels And the winner is… this is not a joke… the sparkling #Pink #Kunzite and #DiamondRing

DEMELZA Ring – Kunzite and Diamond Ring, $1,165