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A note from Jennie

My family have been in the fine jewelry business for over 40 years – owning and operating independent retail fine jewelry stores.  The idea for Kavador grew out of a discussion with my father-in-law, an independent jeweler frustrated with the limited returns from his recent investment in a new website for his stores…

How could independent local jewelers capitalize on the fast growth in online sales? Building and maintaining a website requires resources and investment, and generating traffic to that website requires dedicated digital marketing efforts. We saw an industry need for an online marketplace that allows local jewelers to show their inventory to a broad, online audience without diluting each jeweler’s local brand or investment capital.

KAVADOR was born!

Our vision was to create an online marketplace that any of the 18,000+ independent jewelers in the U.S. can tap into… to showcase the exquisite jewels hidden in their vaults to a national audience through a recognized, trusted brand with digital marketing expertise.

Today’s jewelry buyers are looking for alternatives to generic, mass-produced pieces from big-name brands — but they can’t visit every independent jewelry store in the US to find their perfect match. Kavador’s mission is to give online consumers 24/7 access to the special inventory hidden away in local jewelers’ vaults, while giving local jewelers access to this expanding buyer audience.
Kavador launched at the end of 2015, and with increasing sales and inventory, re-launched with an enhanced website in October 2016. We understand online consumers’ expectations for the luxury jewelry buying experience – and ensure that every piece is marketed accordingly.
If you would like to learn more about listing inventory or Kavador generally, please contact me directly at – always happy to talk jewelry!

A selection of our first (and favorite!) pieces from our launch collection…

Interested in Featuring Your Jewelry with KAVADOR?

We are currently taking on new retail partners and can’t wait to showcase the beautiful jewelry and hidden gems from your vaults to our online audience. We would love to work with you!

We pride ourselves in the curation of beautiful, bold and one-of-a-kind pieces. Our customers are looking for all kinds of precious stones, unique settings, new and estate pieces, as well as designer fine jewelry.

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