Kavador is an online marketplace that gives unique access to interesting, remarkable and unique fine jewelry sourced from independent retailers and designers.

Our founders have a long family history in fine jewelry and know from experience the diverse array of new and vintage fine jewelry that can be found in independent retail stores and designer workshops across the US. We also know that finding these pieces of online can be overwhelming, confusing and time consuming.

Buying from Kavador gives you a premium brand shopping experience whilst enabling you to support small, independent businesses.  Keeping local, often multi-generational independent stores thriving will ensure jewelry shoppers have continued breadth of choice outside of big brands in the future.

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Trying to shop for fine jewelry online that is interesting and unique can be a lot of work. Not only there are many thousands of independent stores and designers, there is also the concern of trust; How do I know the website is legitimate? How do I know what I am getting is what is described? How do I know what the customer service experience will be like?

At Kavador we carry out all of the work for you – we vet the jewelers we work with, we hand inspect every piece we sell and we go above and beyond to ensure that every Kavador customer has a top class customer experience.

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We spend our time searching for pieces that are remarkable and exceptional and will compliment many different individual styles; whether you are looking for bold statement pieces,  small delicate styles,  contemporary or retro, we find pieces for all.

Our GIA certified gemologists inspect every piece to authenticate the gemstones and precious metals as well as assess for quality of craftsmanship. We provide a written valuation for each item that gives a detailed description of the piece and the stones, as well as the ‘Estimated Replacement Value’ that reflects the standard retail price (where available) or for unique pieces, the likely cost to recreate a similar piece.



We know that a fine jewelry purchase is an emotional one. Whether buying for yourself or a gift for another, you put a lot of thought into the decision! At Kavador we work with you every step of the way to ensure a first class customer experience.

We have a CONCIERGE service that will connect you with jewelry experts if you need help picking out a gift or finding a specific type of piece not listed, or if you have questions about specific pieces.

We offer FREE FULLY INSURED shipping and easy FREE RETURNS, meaning if you don’t LOVE the piece in-person, you can ship it straight back fully insured for no cost, no worries!

We also follow up and check that you are happy with your purchase – we want every Kavador customer to be a happy one!

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As an online only marketplace our business model has lower operating costs than traditional brick and mortar stores, and, as an aggregator of many retailers there are inherit economies of scale that our partners benefit from so both Kavador and our jewelry partners are able to pass these cost savings on to YOU the customer. As a result, everything listed on Kavador is at least 20% below the ‘standard retail price’ or ‘estimated replacement value’.

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If you have ANY questions about Kavador, please don’t hesitate to reach out – we would love to hear from you.

Team Kavador